If you’re a food lover, there’s nothing like brunch. I mean, anytime you can create a whole other meal in between two already established meal times, I mean, it’s genius, really. Throw in the fact that brunch is actually socially sanctioned drinking before noon, and honestly, if you’re not convinced yet, I don’t think there’s any hope in saving you. Good luck with your breakfast/lunch/dinner only existence. Still here? Great. As I was saying, brunch is the

Still here? Great.

As I was saying, brunch is the meal you never knew you were missing. But when you have kids, it’s sometimes hard to break out of the Place-That-Sells-Pancakes-and-Goes-by-an-Acronym-that-Includes-the-Word-Pancakes. It’s basically a Voldemort situation, but after a not-so-great meal a few years back, I decided not to go back (no matter what the kids say). There began my noble quest to find family-friendly brunch spots to suit all our tastebuds. All opinions are our own. If you have a favorite spot, feel free to share it with us and we’ll check it out. In the meantime, enjoy brunch. It just may be your new favorite meal of the day.