Eight family-friendly restaurants to try in Phoenix


When my husband and I were recently married, and living overseas, there are two things we both shared with a passion: Traveling and trying new restaurants. We had a favorite restaurant for whatever type of food that fit our moods. Want a great beer? We had a place for that. Indian food—yup, we have just the spot. So, when we had kids, we were worried our days of trying out whatever foods fit our fancy were over. That we’d be relegated to only spots that included playgrounds or would be forced to take our food home in takeout containers. Good thing for us, the booming Phoenix food scene means that tons of places throughout the are are kid-friendly. For us, kid-friendly means there’s something for the kids to do and ideally, a kids’ menu. Here are some of our favorites family restaurants in the Phoenix area.

Read the rest on Mommy Nearest.


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